Thursday, September 18, 2008

Play Week

Well we've come to the end of an interesting few weeks.Whatever will I do with my spare time? I had some problems with my blog that not even our resident techno-geek could solve.It is not surprising ,my children maintain that our house is where electronic devices go to die,and my car electrics are a joke,to lock the doors you must unlock them,the radio doesn't switch off and the clocks spins out of control constantly!It's like the carousel that goes backwards in that very scary book by Ray Bradbury,"Something wicked this way comes."But I digress,I intend to try another blog under another name and see if I can iron out these hitches just for my own satisfaction. I doubt if I would use a blog personally,but the experience has tempted me to keep a journal of thoughts,happenings etc.I just don't want to share it with the world. I have my photographs on Picasa and I intend to explore what that site has to offer.I hope to have my own digital camera soon,and not be limited by what my husband shoots.Everyone seemed to have so much fun with mash-ups and image generators that I would like to pursue these things as I am already a great fan of Publisher. I may use the RSS feeds to keep in touch with whats happening in places where I formerly lived. I'm not a great fan of You-tube but I did find a recording of a song that I have been unable to buy,borrow or interloan.The concept is wonderful, but the reception lets it down.I may go back to sandbox wiki because I have a particular hobby collection and information could be shared with others of a like mind.Library thing was fun,and if I could get the hang of pod casts, I could listen to the Kim Hill interviews I've missed.
I'm a little uneasy about the My space and Facebook type things.I'm glad they were not around while my children were growing up,as I feel they could have sinister connotations, and I wouldn't like to get involved in chat-rooms.
I don't really know what use I will make of my new found knowledge in a work situation,But at least I won't feel such a complete dummy and the terms will be familiar even if I can't always use the applications.
I will feel a little bit of loss at the end of this, because it has been the subject of so much discussion in the lunch room,but not enough to go on to the next 20 steps!

Social Networking

I read the articles suggested and I must admit I've revised my opinion on My Space ,from the previous excercise.Libraries in some places are literally fighting for their survival,and we need to use all the secret weapons and sophisticated gadgetry it takes to entice young people through our doors.It doesn't appear to be much of a problem here,but who knows how many more youngsters we would attract if we were more switched on.
I'm of the generation who think children should be out in the fresh air, or at least participating in some hobby,but being a computer geek is infinitely preferable to being a couch potato in front of the idiot box!Who knows by making "our space" more appealing,we could be opening up a whole new world and they might just discover that reading is fun.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bebo and facebook

I thought Rotorua Public Library's use of Bebo a very good idea,we could put it to good use in our C& YA departments.It was very bright and informative and colourful.
My space didn't have the same appeal for me.
I joined Facebook and found my daughter on it,she has got a lot of friends.I on the other hand have none, boo hoo!I can see the use of this if you're travelling and you want your friends to share your experiences without having to send emails and it would also be useful as a staff notice-board

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

# 20 e-books


I found this easy enough but the American accent was a bit disconcerting.
Kindel was interesting but obviously a rival to a lending library.
Reading a book on line has no appeal personally.I like the texture and smell of books, and a glossy magazine can make me euphoric.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


At this point in time I feel this whole podcast exercise is superfluous! I have just watched TV3 News and "John Campbell Live "on the homeless problemThis is not a third world country,but we have third world problems!Worrying about whether we use, or do not use podcasts,is almost an obscenity!There might very well be RSS feeds to world poverty ,famine relief etc but what help is that to an Alcoholic,Drug addict,Person with mental problems.
Where I come from we had acommodation complexes called "Model Lodging Houses"which were a cubicle or pod,(another meaning of the word) type accommodation which provided a bed,bedding, bathing facilities,kitchen facilities,and laundry facilities.I do not know if there were any availability bookings.My understanding was that it was a night by night basis..
I realise this is not the point of the exercise,but I cannot get excited about spending my time in front of a computer listening to 95% drivel ,and I cannot see a use for them in the library.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008



I didn't find this terribly interesting.I can't see the point of watching something with inferior sound and picture,and I doubt if I would use it in a work situation.

Web 2.00 awards

We had a plethora of choice here.I could have spent hours playing around.Two that did impress me were,Revolutionhealth and communitywalk.I felt both would have their uses in the library,especially revolutionhealth,because it uses layman's language.Patrons often come to the library after visiting their GP because they want more information or because they didn't ask the questions they needed to,or didn't absorb the information they were given.