Thursday, September 4, 2008


At this point in time I feel this whole podcast exercise is superfluous! I have just watched TV3 News and "John Campbell Live "on the homeless problemThis is not a third world country,but we have third world problems!Worrying about whether we use, or do not use podcasts,is almost an obscenity!There might very well be RSS feeds to world poverty ,famine relief etc but what help is that to an Alcoholic,Drug addict,Person with mental problems.
Where I come from we had acommodation complexes called "Model Lodging Houses"which were a cubicle or pod,(another meaning of the word) type accommodation which provided a bed,bedding, bathing facilities,kitchen facilities,and laundry facilities.I do not know if there were any availability bookings.My understanding was that it was a night by night basis..
I realise this is not the point of the exercise,but I cannot get excited about spending my time in front of a computer listening to 95% drivel ,and I cannot see a use for them in the library.


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