Monday, August 25, 2008

How rude can I be about Rollyo?

I did the first exercise,but decided to go the extra mile to add the searchroll to my blog.Big mistake,each time I get to the customise design bit I get a message telling me that Blogger will make a back-up of my current template,but nowhere is the Upgrade your template button,so I'm stymied.I've created the searchroll,but cannot get it on to my blog.Aside from that frustration I found Rollyo very American and not to my taste at all.
This refers to the first exercise,but I'm damned if I will be beaten on the alternative.Watch this space!!!
Ok I admit defeat,I go round and round in circles trying to get to the Add and Arrange Page Elements.It doesn't exist!And you know something?I don't care!
I've just read the Herald headlines about bloggers in the John Hapeta case and if it perverts the course of justice maybe this whole exercise needs a re-think.
Does anyone remember "1984" when it was written and how far fetched it seemed? Think On!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Library Thing

I found this enjoyable,but very slow.To speed things up you really need the ISBN and I also found it easier when I changed the database to a British one.It is rather like our reading list,but much more colourful.I might just join this as "me" rather than my alter ego.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time wasting !

: http://www.myalphapicture.com/products.cfm?sesid=&pino=0&spra=en
What are you trying to do to me? Is this a plot to drive me into early retirement? Sorry but you have failed miserably,I have bookmarked everything,my only problem is my husband might get there before me,and if he does,he might get to heaven before me too!

lift magic after: same as before

Tried to use examples on google to use as guinea pigs but found they all had copyright on them,so resorted to family photos.I will certainly try this on photographs of myself but no way will I share the experience with you lot!Unfortunately the experiment failed.Downloading the picture was easy but relating it to the programme seemed impossible.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sandbox wiki

Well I certainly had fun with this one.I'm not sure I've followed the correct procedure,but I've created a wiki and added a comment to wetpaint.This is something i may go back to in my leisure time


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Discovery Exercise # 11 Wikis

I think wikis are a fun way of accessing information and sharing knowledge,but I question their accuracy.

Next generation libraries

Well the OCLC Next Space Newsletter was mind blowing,absolutely amazing.I was particularly impressed by the rural school.The shared universal catalogue makes our Elgar pretty small cheese,but I guess you have to start somewhere.
I can't see this service being provided by libraries and librarians as we know them.This is not the kind of thing which could be funded by rates.The danger is that Big Business will be involved using researchers and it may end up a user-pays system becoming elitist.I often imagine Andrew Carnegie,turning in his grave,but this would have him tossong also.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NSL Learning # 9


I discovered this on technorati, it refers to PLCMC library program,but I'm afraid tagging on this site defeats me. I have found this the most confusing exercise in the programme so far and the least appealing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NSL learning # 8

Well I managed to add a tag in Delicisio and thought it could be a useful tool for groups with a common interest.Technorati did not have the same appeal for me.
We are not half way through the course, and I can understand now getting hooked,but it's playing havoc with my free time.


Del.icio.us no 2

Monday, August 11, 2008


My very own technorati

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NSL Learning Exercise # 8

NSL Learning Exercise # 8

I can see the value of tags,it's a bit like having those indexed notebooks that have the finger indentations (for anyone old enough to have used one).As you can see I have bookmarked a web page,just a little bit unsure about adding the tag,will keep plodding on


Discovery on Del.icio.us

I've included this because my husband is a guitar freak and would like to visit the Gibson and Martin factories.I could do the Paul Revere trail while he 's doing that.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

NSL Learning # 7 week 3

I found this a most frustrating excercise.Bloglines kept dropping out and I wasted a lot of time,or at least that's what I thought,however it was a nice surprise to see that all my subscriptions had gone through and adding a post to a blog was easy-peasy.I can certainly imagine this becoming highly addictive,and after the initial problems quite good fun.Will I continue to use it?I may add a couple websites to my favourites list,but I doubt if I'll continue blogging.
I've read all the blogs,some are fascinating,some are beautiful,some are condescending.I reckon a lot of the bloggers must work part-time or else they're doing it in work time,because this is a very time consuming excercise,and it beats me how all these trampers and travellers will find the time to pursue their hobbies and blog about it.I'm afraid I'll have to retire to contiue blogging and that's not on the cards.

Friday, August 8, 2008

As seen on bbc news

Friday, August 1, 2008

NSL Learning 2.0 # 6

Some technology is brilliant.I'm so glad I learned to text that is really handy,and I use email to keep in touch with family and friends.I do online banking and pay anything I can online.I buy clothes online,household goods,anything that will save me shopping.I hate shopping.I use trade me on a regular basis,both to buy and sell.I am a collector and have made friends amongst that circle.I love the digital camera so I can just chuck the duds and crop the better ones.
One piece of technology I absolutely abhor though, is the DVD recorder.It is not remotely user friendly, incompatible with other recorders.There is no guarantee that you will ever be able to watch what you record.My other pet gripe is Sky TV perhaps 4 0r 5 channels worth while 50 others rubbish,yet you have to pay for them all.

NSL Learning 2.0 # 5

I have looked at the various sites and they are interesting.Librarians are always not what one expects,looking at FD Toys.The Flickr Color Picker is fascinating but why would you want to?
Equally the Mappr and Motagr. I can see perhaps using it for something like an anniversary poster or a 21st,but honestly, get a life.Taking the photos would be the best bit,and I can certainly see the value in tagging,(just like cataloguing really)but who's got that sort of time.Most of us keep our photos in boxes and bring them out on rainy days.